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   Duration: 60 mins

Developing strong relationships is crucial for organizational success. But after a global pandemic that has sent women’s progress in the workforce hurtling backwards many of us are struggling to reclaim our voices and advocate for ourselves in the hybrid world. How do we forge connections and use the power of community to overcome these challenges?

Join us for a candid fireside chat with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking C-suite level executives and founders who have found their voices, propelled their careers, and elevated others through building communities.

During this session, our panelists will offer action-oriented advice on the following topics:

  • Creating impactful communities for women and allies

  • Advocating for yourself in the remote/hybrid work world

  • Building relationships and finding mentorship

  • Networking and getting to know colleagues — even when stuck behind the screen

  • Claiming your voice to grow your career

  • Identifying strategies to overcome career and workplace obstacles


Stephanie Carullo

Moderator: Stephanie Carullo, Chief Operating Officer, Box

Marta Cros

Marta Cros, Founder, APTO Skincare

Michelle DuBois

Michelle DuBois, President, Values Partnership

Kristina Johnson

Kristina Johnson, Chief People & Places Officer, Okta

Jocelyn Moore

Jocelyn Moore, General Manager, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Microsoft